Friday, April 16, 2010

about Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoo designs are highly preferred by the tattoo fans. Their interesting patterns and versatility have made them hot choice of scores of tattoo fans. Tribal tattoo designs have always fascinated tattoo enthusiasts with their unique patterns and mystic symbolisms. There are several historical facts associated with tribal tattoos. Believed to have been in use since ages, tribal tattoos were largely used by tribal communities in the early years. They are said to have got these designs inked on their skin to depict their identity or their belongingness to a particular tribe.

Depending upon the size and style, the tribal tattoos were also used to reflect social status. Some people opted for tribal tattoo due to certain rituals that were considered important in their community. There were still others who believed that tribal tattoos had great healing and magical powers and hence used them for acquiring those powers.

But today, in the modern times, tribal tattoos are no longer associated with any particular class and are stripped off their social and religious meanings that ancient people held. Most of the tribal tattoo arts that we see today are based on Polynesian tattoo designs and tattoo designs of the tribes of Borneo, namely the Iban and Kayan (Sarawak) and the Kenyah (Kalimantan)

Over the years, tribal tattoos have undergone some changes not only in terms of their meanings but also their patterns. In the recent times, a new tribal style has emerged. This latest tribal style is a combination of original tribal designs with some interesting additional patterns including curves, interlocking formations and interesting complementary designs like rose, butterfly, angel etc.

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