Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bull Tattoos and Symbolisms - A Closer Look at Bull Tattoo Art

It is surprising that although different cultures throughout the world each have unique sets of beliefs and traditions, there are still some overlapping elements that seem to unify the entire human race. One such element is the symbolisms attached to certain animals like the bull. The bull is depicted in different forms depending on the racial perspective. It can be seen plowing the field, bathing in a river, leisurely grazing the grass or standing tall while being worshipped as a pagan god. The bull is an epitome of a lot of things, thereby making it one of the most prominent images in tattoo designs. Bull tattoo art has certainly made a niche in the field of tattooing.

Typically, the bull is considered a masculine emblem which why lots of men have bull tattoos. But the bull is actually a symbol of opposing things. It has both male and female connotations. It can be both fierce and gentle. Strength, power, and authority are the most common traits associated with the bull. However, in some religious belief systems, the bull also signifies fertility, patience and a nurturing character. Concepts for bull tattoo art designs primarily depend on which side of the bull best describes or represents the person getting the tattoo.

Bull tattoo art basically works around the features of the bull. In ethnic groups where tattooing is still considered a rite of passage, it is most likely to find the bull in a tattoo drawn in its natural form. In commercial tattooing this is not the case. People are freer to use their creativity. Usually, the bull's head or the skull form is the focal point of bull tattoo art. Emphasis on the eyes and the nose of the bull is done through the use of colors and drawing techniques. Modifications on the length and curvature of the horns are also being done to create a fierce image.
Accessories like nose rings, necklaces, and eyebrow piercings are a part of bull tattoo art. Also, images of the earth's natural elements are featured in the designs. Flames and water waves become background images for the raging bull. To create a softer impression, flowers, smoke, or Celtic knots may be used to form the background of the image. Essentially, bull tattoo art is a matter of personal aesthetic just like any type of tattoo art. The best tattoo is always the design that best exudes the personality of the individual.

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