Wednesday, August 25, 2010

7 Tattoo Tips

MUST READ Tips Before Getting Inked!

Here are 7 tattoo tips for a no regret tattoo!

1. Go BIGGER rather than smaller. Believe it or not, people have more regret over how small their design is. They tend to be conservative with size, but then once it is on they realize bigger would have been better.

2.Consider COLORS. Have you decided on what colors you want your design to be? Lots of people finally make a decision on their design, but forget they have coloring options. A good tattoo artist should let you know which colors will work best for your design.

3. Avoid the FACE. This is common sense to a lot of people. Face tattoos are extremely regrettable and the suicide rate is high among those who choose to get inked on the face.

4. Prepare for the PAIN. This won't be a huge deal for some as they will adapt to the pain factor once the needle settles in. But for others, the pain is a big deal and they are totally unprepared. Ask the parlor or the artist if they have a good comparison test that you can do so you know what your personal pain tolerance will be for the ink.

5. Don't get DRUNK. You want the best work possible and being drunk isn't going to make it happen. You need to be still while the ink is applied and you don't to feel as if your head is spinning while getting inked.

6. Think twice about tattoo NAMES. Any tattoo decision should be taken seriously. But names inparticular should be taken extra seriously. These tend to be the most covered up tattoo designs. There's a high level of regret with name tattoos!

7. Go to a TATTOO GALLERY ONLINE beforehand. If you want to be sure to find the best design possible, then visit and join up to an online tattoo gallery. These are excellent sources for high quality ink and the selection is incredible. You can print out the designs and bring them straight to the parlor.

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