Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Tattoo-Nude Females

Celtic Painting and Tattoos Creating Sensual Atmosphere

The Celtic art is one of the most ancient artforms. Many paintings and drawings are now used as tattoos. People like these Celtic symbols as tattoos on their body parts.

In many of the Celtic paintings, you would find a woman standing with a long spear held upright in her left or right hand. It was customary to wear only a large ring around the woman's waist, from which a curved sword would hand behind. In Celtic art, we can see a smaller ring around a woman's neck, too. Much of the woman's body would appear to be painted or tattooed. The modern men and women, too, like such tattoos on their body, as these Celtic tattoos create sensual atmosphere. The Celtic tattoos have become the symbol of modern fashion.

Celtic traditions can is as old as 3,000 years and today many people are being attracted and are willing to know about them. This tradition known as Celtic was grounded in harmony. Now a day many New Age advocates practice those environment-friendly traditions of the Celtic people. If such beautiful and utility based traditions are not preserved, they can die or be forgotten.

In the ancient time the Celtic womanhood and motherhood got the utmost reverence and admiration. any type of degradation of the woman hood or a rape were considered the worst crime; and such a crime was treated with the absolute highest severity. The act of rape was not pardonable and the punishment meted out was very serious; and no one would be ready to show leniency.

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