Tuesday, August 17, 2010

populer tattoed body art

Where exactly do you want to place your tattoo? Maybe it's on the lower back, the ankle. Whatever you choose - it may be one of the popular and more attractive places to put your current tattoo design idea!

Here are a list of the more popular places to tattoo on the body:

o Ankle
o Upper Arm
o Foot Tattoos
o Front Hip
o Armband Tattoos
o Shoulder Blade
o Lower Back Tattoos For Women
o Chest Tattoos

Of course there are more places where people get tattoos - but these are usually the most seen and common.

Should I Show My Tattoo?
This is one of the most important questions when it comes to tattoo placement. You probably want a regular job in the future so you probably do not want to get something such as an obvious hand or even a face tattoo. Also to mention - these may be quite hard to take off, sometimes impossible, so think about the tattoo before you get it!

Also there are those other personalities that believe tattoos are meant to be shown! There's nothing wrong with this, if you want to get the bold arm sleeve, a full body tattoo, or even a neck tattoo - you should get it; just remember to put tons of thought into your tattoo!

Where to Find Great Tattoo Designs
Are you trying to find the best tattoo designs? You don't want to etch generic junk into your skin - you'll probably end up regretting it after you go through all the pain, not to imagine how expensive laser removal is. There are even some pigmentations of tattoo ink that laser removal can not break up. Be sure that you get a tattoo that you will not regret.

Instead of going to search engines and performing image searches, you should try to go to a "professionally" design tattoo gallery that will give you thousands of options and the ability to have a unique tattoo that fits your personality!

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